Underrated JRPGs That Are Worth Playing


There are many underrated and lesser known JRPGs that offer great experiences. Here are some that are still worth playing, if you can get your hands on them.

jrpg golden sun cover art

Golden Sun

This game series was perhaps one of the best JRPG experiences for the gameboy advanced, for those who have heard of it. Despite its deep mechanics, intricate puzzles, and amazing story, this game series somehow stayed under the radar of most JRPG fans. While the game uses turn-based combat, it gives the player great depth in ways to customize their characters; with special weapons, summons, and the games unique Psynergy system, which aids players both in combat and out. Its art style was also fairly unique for its time. The game has beautiful combat and summon animations that make you never want to skip a battle.

 radiant historia cover art

Radiant Historia

The original Radiant Historia on the Nintendo DS is a remarkable game with mature characters, complex themes, unique combat, and time traveling mechanics that actually affect the story. Your decisions are never final, you can always choose a past timeline and fix your mistakes. However, different decisions aren’t always mistakes, some choices do pay off in the future. Not only does Radiant Historia offer an amazing mature story, the game also gives players the freedom to choose, and the ability to rewind.

jrpg skies of arcadia cover art

Skies of Arcadia

Originally made for the SEGA Dreamcast, and later remade for the Gamecube, it is understandable how this game became as little known as it is. This JRPG gives the player a unique sense of adventure into the unknown, as they discover new lands, artifacts, and more in their airship. Aside from the typical turn-based combat common in JRPGs of the time, this game features a unique and amazingly fun airship battle system.

dark cloud 2 cover art

Dark Cloud 2

Alternate name: Dark Chronicle 2

While the first game was itself a hidden gem of the early PS2 era, Dark Cloud 2 took what was good about the first, refined it, and added much more. The game features an improved town building system called Georama. Its gear customization system was also significantly improved.

rogue galaxy cover art

Rogue Galaxy

In a way this game is a spiritual successor of the Dark Cloud series. It is a great game in its own right, carrying on many of the things that made Dark Cloud fun to play, and added some interesting twists.

loh trails in the sky cover art

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

This game series is perhaps one of the most story-rich series on the market today. Despite this, it is also surprisingly not as well known as other story-rich games. If story is your thing, this game series offers dozens of hours of it. The game also features a combat system that is a sort of hybrid between traditional turn-based combat and turn-based tactical combat, creating an engaging system that rewards planning your moves.

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