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When it comes to anime, science fiction space operas are few and far between, and only a handful are really worth watching. Here are those handful of classic and underrated sci-fi space opera anime.


Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Alternate Names: LoGH, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, 銀河英雄伝説

Genres: SciFi, Military, Space, Drama

Considered a classic and a masterpiece by many, LoGH takes place in the distant future in the middle of a century long conflict between the two main factions. The story follows two soldiers, one from each faction, who use their wits to outsmart each other in what could be considered a galactic chess game. Filled with political intrigue and charismatic characters, LoGH is sure to draw you in if you give it a chance. LoGH is based off of the critically acclaimed novels of the same name. In Spring 2018, a new LoGH anime will air under the title The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, followed by three movies in 2019.

Crest of the Stars

Crest of the Stars

Alternate Names: Seikai no Monshou, 星界の紋章

Genres: Sci-Fi, Military, Space, Action, Romance

Another classic, Crest of the Stars and its sequel series, Banner of the Stars, features a love story in the midst of a conflict between humanity and the Abh Empire. This series, however, brings you under the perspective of humanities invaders, which is certainly a welcome difference from the norm.

Toward the Terra

Toward the Terra

Alternate Names: Terra E, 地球へ

Genres: Sci-Fi, Military, Space, Action, Drama

After humanity colonized space, some have undergone an evolution resulting in the manifestation of extraordinary powers. Normal humans feared and hated this new breed of human, which they called Mu. The Mu aim to go back to humanity’s cradle, Earth, which was left long ago, to live in peace. This anime is fairly underrated, overshadowed by more popular anime that came out during its original airing time. This series is itself a remake of a movie of the same name made in 1980.

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