One Piece: World Seeker New Screenshots and Information

one piece world seeker art cover
One Piece: World Seeker is an upcoming action adventure game developed by Ganbarion for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is the first open world game in the One Piece franchise and is set to release some time in 2018.

In a recent video from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, the producer Koji Nakajima talks about how the game will focus on Luffy as the main character of the story. At this point, it seems like Luffy will be the only playable character as well.

“I can say that we all really worked hard on this, on creating gameplay and storyline that really focuses on Luffy.”

Sad news for people who were looking forward to play as different crew members, but he does mention that the other strawhat characters are still intractable.

One Piece: World Seeker will feature an original story starring Luffy’s crew. Some recently released screenshots even indicate the time frame that the game will most likely take place in.

screen shot of Luffy looking at bounty posters after Doflamingo
Luffy looking at new bounty posters

The above new screenshot shows the current bounty posters for Luffy, Zoro, and Law after the Doflamingo arc. This means the original story of the game will be set in post timeskip. To confirm this, the concepts and screenshots also show the crew wearing post time skip outfits.

Concept art of the crew in post time skip outfits
Concept art of the crew in post time skip outfits
Screenshot of Luffy and Zoro
Screenshot of Luffy and Zoro
Screenshot of Luffy and Usopp
Screenshot of Luffy and Usopp

Most of the released gameplay shows Luffy fighting in Marine Bases and in a recent screenshot, Luffy is seen fighting Smoker. Some magazine advertisements for the game even mention villages that are built by the Marines and under water prisons that are controlled by the World Government.

Screenshot of Luffy clashing with Smoker
Screenshot of Luffy clashing with Smoker

It seems like the Marines will be the main enemies in the game with Smoker as one of the antagonist.

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